Founder's Journal - Launch Campaign BTS

by VIviana

It was March of this year, I was sitting at my desk stalling on the creative direction for the launch campaign photoshoot because deep down I was so afraid of contacting people to make this real.  But I also knew that if I had a chance of making my launch deadline, this is just what I had to do, so I pushed through it.

Putting this shoot together was a huge step to make the brand come to life, something that had been an idea bouncing around in my head for so long and that could have been shaped in so many different ways, but that took a life of its own once I started putting things down on paper.  Sending out the brand book and creative direction to artists and professionals in the bay area and LA and getting that amazing energy in response to my vision was something that will always stay with me.  It felt like a sign that I was going in the right direction.  That what the brand stands for is something people would like to see. 

Fast forward to July 16, I arrived to the studio, huge windows let light in along the entire wall.  People buzzing about to set up.  And everyone groggy as hell and in major need of coffee.  As things started rolling I felt great energy on set and everything flowed.  Someone said to the open space how good it felt to be working in an all women team, and that really resonated with everyone.  That moment made me immensely proud.  It was a true reflection of our values.

Giving direction and being IN the shoot made the whole feeling x1 million.  It was a way of paying tribute to that young girl that binged episodes of ANTM, obsessed, but that was too shy to even dare to be in that kind of spotlight.  Because I was too ethnic or awkward.  Because that’s something I never saw in a beauty commercial.  So this brand isn’t some mirage of the confidence we long to have, it’s to show ethnic and awkward can also be part of the beauty conversation and finding acceptance in that.