About Us

There is just one look to green beauty and everyone knows what that is.

Sustainability in beauty is portrayed in the same aesthetic across the board. But we're not here for it.
It starts by telling the story of the bold with skincare products that are just as artfully minded as they are sustainable.

Viviana Tacussis started out as an aerospace engineer. Starblast Beauty is an extension of her love of the cosmos, her addiction to beauty products and her passion for the environment. After learning that only 9% of the plastics we discard in recycling bins end up getting recycled, she knew she needed to do something to help others ditch single use plastic.
She created the company with the mindset that individual consumers have so much influence over the direction of industry. After being in the ecofriendly scene for a while, she realized everything kind of looked the same. It was pretty much a sea of white, green and beige. There is just one look to a zero waste lifestyle and everyone knows what that is. That is how Starblast Beauty really came alive as a brand with potential.
She really wanted to set it apart from everything else, bringing in the dark, romantic elements that have inspired her all her life. "Over the years I've come to embrace the weird. We're all creatures of the cosmos and we carry in our bones the same elements that were in stars over 4.5 billion years ago. It's really just about allowing yourself to see your own starlight."