By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.  Our ultimate goal is to become a cradle to cradle beauty brand to reduce single use.
We aim to do so in phases.

Phase 1

Thoughtful packaging

Using as much recycled and biodegradable materials as possible in our packaging.   Also using materials that are fully recyclable, as seen in product bottles, jars, boxes, tissue, shippers.

Packaging Take Back Program

We created this program to limit plastics sent to landfill and extend lifecycle of our bottles and jars.  Customers can collect up to 5 empties to trade in for a free product. We then sanitize and repurpose the packaging.

Carbon neutral shipping

Offsetting the carbon footprint of online orders by allowing customers to opt for carbon neutral shipping at checkout. 


Phase 2

Refill pods

Staple products like moisturizers and masks will be packaged in two components, a glass jar that is for the customer to keep forever, and a lightweight bioplastic refill pod that contains the product. This intentional approach keeps product lifecycle in mind, from a) supply chain, less material needed to manufacture the pod resulting in a lighter weight package to ship (lower carbon footprint) from manufacturer to brand and from brand to consumer, to b) end of life, the bioplastic can be composted at a composting facility.

Zero waste raw materials

Starblast Beauty products will be proudly made containing ingredients considered zero waste, or byproduct of other industry processes that maintain quality and material integrity for cosmetic manufacturing.